Netcracker Wholesale Infrastructure Solution

Full-stack automation by Netcracker enables wholesale infrastructure businesses to increase operational efficiency and explore innovative monetization.

Wholesale businesses all over the world are evolving from a conventional wholesale-only model to an infraco/netco approach with fiber and tower variations. This is a key strategy in navigating through the digital market landscape due to its financial advantages, such as better return on investment, greater efficiency and safer market position. It provides opportunities for revenue generation with new business models, an expansive digital portfolio and new territories. However, operators must effectively support this evolution by achieving smooth business separation (servco vs. netco) with clearly defined benefits, a right-size approach to automation, and a strategic evolution into next-gen infrastructure and services for fiber rollout, 5G and ecosystem-based business.

Netcracker Wholesale Infrastructure Solution offers a full set of specialized out-of-the-box BSS/OSS capabilities for implementing infrastructure rollout and management, automated customer and partner lifecycles, and a service-neutral platform for business innovation. The cloud-native multitenant solution leverages microservices-based and industrialized open-source components. Netcracker shares business risks with our customers through flexible commercial models, expert go-to-market consulting, cost-effective evergreen operations and strict regulatory compliance. The solution minimizes time and cost to market while offering superior accuracy and quality in operations.

Netcracker Wholesale Infrastructure Solution

Lead to Cash

  • Lean onboarding for complex accounts optimized by flexible policies and wizards
  • Streamlined preparation of quotes, proposals and contracts with flexible workflows
  • Diverse monetization schemas and revenue sharing models

Order to Activation

  • Dynamic order decomposition with E2E order processing and monitoring
  • Automated error handling to minimize order fallout
  • Network and service activation with reusable templates

Problem to Resolution

  • Streamlined management of cases, problems, complaints and requests
  • Automated assignment, prioritization, orchestration and SLA tracking
  • Policy-based resolution of issues

Infrastructure Management

  • Resource inventory for all network assets
  • Lifecycle management for major projects and capacity
  • Efficient field operations with mobile application, real-time updates and remote advisories

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