Resource Management

“NetCracker’s superior architecture and ability to integrate easily with other systems will allow Videotron to track accurately the deployment of our state-of-the-art network. The breadth and depth of NetCracker’s solution and technical expertise — and their proven track record in supporting advanced technologies — will allow us to deploy services and networks faster, with reduced cost and increased customer satisfaction.” 

NetCracker’s superior architecture and ability to integrate easily with other systems

“NetCracker's ability to manage Network and IT resources from a single platform, their highly successful OSS transformation projects, and their new focus on creating a Services Ecosystem have made them market leaders.“

NetCracker's ability to manage Network and IT resources from a single platform

Wi-Fi Gets Supersized

Super Wi-Fi, which uses empty spaces within current UHF spectrum, may be the next hope for bringing broadband to previously uncovered areas and boosting range and signals for existing customers.

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  • NetCracker’s comprehensive, modular, end-to-end product portfolio is built on a single, cloud-ready platform and leverages virtualization and advanced analytics capabilities. Our product suite leads the communications industry in standardization and innovation.
  • Our Cloud Platform optimizes the management of cross-application capabilities and delivers enhanced support for different deployment options, including cloud.
  • NetCracker’s longstanding communications industry expertise and Big Data Analytics offering help service providers of all sizes strategically transform legacy business intelligence ecosystems into smart environments that are driven by up-to-date and real-time data.
  • NetCracker’s Customer & Partner Management offering leverages embedded analytics as well as a centralized product catalog to improve partner relationship management, customer care and marketing and sales initiatives.
  • The NetCracker Revenue Management offering enables telecom operators and service providers to transform their existing complex and siloed business support environments into highly efficient ecosystems.
  • NetCracker’s Operations Management offering builds on the company’s 20+ years of successfully delivering end-to-end service and infrastructure management capabilities that enable innovation and centralize and automate service, resource and network operations.
    • The NetCracker Service Management offering is backed by more than 20 years of experience and provides an agile, service-agnostic, automated platform that is capable of delivering and assuring innovative and converged services.
    • NetCracker's Resource Management helps providers reduce costs and revitalize eroding profit margins through the use of automation, unification, solution configurability and ergonomics.
    • NetCracker’s Network Management offering enables the comprehensive, technology-agnostic, end-to-end management of service provider infrastructure at the network-facing level.
  • The NEC/NetCracker Orchestration solution combines NEC’s and NetCracker’s deep-rooted networking and IT expertise and supports large-scale, unique systems integration capabilities. This allows operators to navigate the complexities of fundamental architectural changes.
  • The Virtual Functions, Management & Infrastructure offering from NEC and NetCracker is built on a unique combination of IT and networking expertise, as well as comprehensive research and development, and helps service providers explore and leverage the benefits associated with SDN/NFV. Our industry-leading offering comprises a foundational network and data center infrastructure, an extensive selection of virtual network functions and a comprehensive management and control layer.
    • NEC and NetCracker have blended leading networking, virtualization and orchestration capabilities to deliver innovative Customer Edge VNFs for residential and enterprise customers.
    • NEC and NetCracker combine leading networking, virtualization and orchestration capabilities to provide best-in-class virtual mobile core solutions.
    • NEC and NetCracker offer a wide range of value-added VNFs such as virtual deep packet inspection (vDPI), virtual firewall (vFirewall), virtual traffic management solutions (vTMS) and virtual router (vRouter).
    • NEC/NetCracker’s Management & Control offering is built on an open standards-based platform to optimize the end-to-end management of SDN, VNFs and cloud services.
    • NEC and NetCracker’s next-generation Network & Data Center Infrastructure is built on our deep cloud and data center expertise to provide operators with the foundation they need to leverage cutting-edge technologies.
    • NEC and NetCracker provide customers with an opportunity to choose best-of-breed applications by offering an open, standards-based SDN/NFV solution environment.