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“NetCracker benefits from its agility and commitment to customer requirements, establishing close ties to its customers in a type of consultative relationship.“

NetCracker benefits from its agility and commitment to customer requirements

”NetCracker is positioned as one of the best-of-suite vendors in this market providing a centralized, unified, and up-to-date view on customers, products and services, as well as ensuring semantic compatibility across all OSS and BSS components. NetCracker is gaining strong traction with CSPs in Tiers 1 to 3 as well as cable and multiple service operators in all geographies.”

NetCracker is positioned as one of the best-of-suite vendors in this market providing a centralized”

Discovering IoT Application Enablement Platforms

“As operators try to evolve from being a connectivity-centric M2M player to a more application- and data-driven IoT player, they need a robust BSS/OSS system to support their evolution.” -- Ari Banerjee, Sr. Director of Strategy, NetCracker

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  • Competing effectively in today's dynamic market requires first-rate customer service, rapid time-to-market, and carefully controlled costs. To achieve these objectives, a service provider needs a full and accurate understanding of its infrastructure, customer requirements, and internal resource constraints.
  • NetCracker’s Digital Business Platform enables CSPs to adapt rapidly, address cost issues aggressively, and seize growing Digital Business opportunities.
    • Using its experience in the CRM, billing, and self-service domains, NetCracker's Customer Management includes core functionality that covers all areas of relations with the customer. NetCracker Customer Management pre-integrates with NetCracker’s end-to-end offering, which significantly reduces integration costs during implementation, brings necessary consistency of data and functions, and enables other beneficial opportunities.
    • NetCracker’s Digital Business Platform gives CSPs the Transaction Management tools they need to introduce, scale, and sustain new transaction models; reduce transaction costs; deliver seamless, multi-device, and multi-channel customer experiences; and generate, collect, and measure revenue and profitability.
    • NetCracker’s Content & Service Management solution enables operators to bring systematic changes to their IT infrastructure, enabling them to generate new revenues, contain costs, maintain customer centricity, and deliver increasingly complex services and transactions at the lowest possible cost.
    • NetCracker's Digital Partner & Channel Management solution, as part of its Digital Business Platform, enables CSPs to create and manage profitable partnerships from sourcing to distribution; deploy immersive point-of-sale experiences; and enable greater channel responsiveness.
    • NetCracker’s platform bridges the network (eTOM) and IT (ITIL) domains seamlessly, models IT infrastructure, and centralizes service inventory to automate service provisioning and correlate services with underlying resources.
    • With NetCracker’s award-winning products and solutions, government agencies can operationalize their strategic infrastructure quickly, deploy new services and applications rapidly and reliably, and gain better insights into the relationship between infrastructure and services.
    • NetCracker Technology enables mobile operators to deliver rapidly and manage effectively next-generation, converged services.
    • Realizing the MVNO opportunity requires not only an understanding of the market and strategic plan, but also the ability to execute the plan. NetCracker has the experience, knowledge, and solutions to help MVNOs and MNOs develop the most appropriate model and bring it to market quickly and cost effectively.
    • NetCracker Technology enables service providers to deliver rapidly and manage effectively next-generation converged services — including successful implementations at Cablemas, Cox Communications, Shaw Communications, Time Warner Cable, UPC Broadband, Videotron and Virgin Media.
      • NetCracker’s BSS offering provides cable operators with the capabilities they need to pursue new revenue opportunities, improve business performance and reduce costs.
      • NetCracker's Revenue Management solutions help cable operators deliver what these cable business customers demand and expect: hierarchical treatment; service-level agreements; simple, convergent and cloud billing; complex bundled service offerings and discounts; and self-management tools
      • NetCracker Technology enables service providers to deliver rapidly and manage effectively next-generation converged services — including successful implementations at Cablemas, Cox Communications, Shaw Communications, Time Warner Cable, UPC Broadband, Videotron, and Virgin Media.
      • NetCracker CRM is the best-in-class, modular CRM that optimizes the entire customer experience across all touch points, transforming service into sales. Operators can implement a personalized and customer-centric approach across multi-play services, with any connected device at any time.
      • NetCracker’s Intelligent Fulfillment solution enables subscribed, on-demand, interactive, and personalized service offerings across any network, to any device, at any time, for any customer.
      • Building customer loyalty from real-time personalized services is a vital differentiator for Cable, Broadband and Satellite operators in today's highly competitive and converged world.
      • NetCracker’s Multi-Play Intelligent Billing enables operators to manage their converged bundles of triple-play and quad-play in an effective way to ensure ARPU growth and enhance loyalty.
    • With NetCracker’s Utility solutions, customers can address acute challenges now and evolve their utility system to meet future requirements, thus extending their utility CIS investment.
      • NetCracker's Commercial & Industrial Utility solution provides meter-to-bill account management for commercial and industrial customers, injecting the flexibility, efficiency, and logic needed to reduce exceptions and process constraints at the same time that it unleashes personalization to transform customer interactions.
      • NetCracker's Infrastructure Management solution enables centralized resource management across multiple networks, provides end-to-end process automation for optimized network asset utilization, ensures cross-domain data synchronization, and facilitates proactive network performance management.
      • NetCracker offers a proven range of solutions that deliver customer intelligence and utility CIS systems. In addition to NetCracker’s Utility solutions — smart grid-enabled utility customer care and billing — NetCracker provides Customer Intelligence solutions to bring the customer experience alive.
      • NetCracker’s Retail Energy solution also streamlines supporting processes, including forecasting, rating, billing, collections and commissioning, to improve productivity, reduce cost and eliminate redundancies that flatten margins.
      • The way utilities do business is changing. NetCracker can help ensure that the back office is not the bottleneck. With flexible business models that range from licensed to managed services (and everywhere in between), NetCracker is as flexible in how it does business, as its Utility solution is in how it provides smart grid-enabled customer care and billing.
    • The NetCracker Wholesale Solution is now available to all CSPs that need to undertake a rapid, cost-effective transformation of their BSS/OSS infrastructure to develop effective wholesale programs and achieve future growth.
    • NetCracker delivers value to wireline service providers by combining its innovative BSS/OSS offerings including fulfillment, provisioning, and service management offerings with a proven solution delivery methodology. NetCracker leverages its best practices and domain expertise to create an end-to-end capability for billing, customer care, online rating & charging, resource and network management, IT platforms, service fulfillment & assurance.
  • NetCracker's Customer Experience Management solution helps operators to develop customer-centric offerings and employ comprehensive customer lifecycle management tools to increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase profit.
    • NetCracker’s BSS offering — including business intelligence, analytics and decisioning, and revenue management — helps operators to pursue a more proactive approach to customer retention and loyalty.
    • NetCracker CRM is the best-in-class CRM product that delivers proactive customer-centric service and marketing and powerful sales management with next-generation shopping and ordering through a unique, industry-dedicated CRM that redefines price-to-value for global communications and utilities businesses compared to other generalized CRM offerings.
    • Intelligent Analytics offers comprehensive capabilities for business intelligence and performance management to help enterprises achieve competitive advantage by managing results, not numbers.
    • The Mobile Self-Care solution is the communication industry’s first end-to-end, mobile self-care solution, providing a self-service app pre-integrated with NetCracker Online Rating & Charging.
    • NetCracker's Product & Offering Management solution enables operators to meet rapidly changing customer preferences by strengthening the ability to continuously introduce innovative, profitable new services and quickly retire unprofitable or lapsed offers.
    • NetCracker's Social Decisioning solution provides intelligent and personalized recommendations that are dynamically routed and based on company-specific business policies and rules to help organizations reduce churn and enhance customer loyalty.
    • NetCracker's Unified Communications solution redefines the way that businesses communicate and collaborate — truly empowering the workforce to become more productive and more flexible.
    • NetCracker’s solution provides the complete underlying infrastructure including the BSS and OSS, data center and management, and application hosting, to enable service providers to create and deliver new services to their enterprise and mass market customers.
    • NetCracker's innovative industry solution for network infrastructure provides operators with out-of-the-box tools to manage diverse access and aggregation networks.
    • NetCracker’s LTE Network Rollout solution is based on world-class expertise, technical leadership and integration skills across all relevant technologies, enabling the high-capacity, secure, reliable and cost-effective rollout of LTE networks that deliver significant benefits to CSPs and end users.
    • NetCracker’s Managed NOC is a market-tested, innovative solution that provides enterprises with a technical back-end extension to ensure end-to-end business continuity and improved financial performance.
    • NetCracker’s Wireless Broadband solution, which draws on NetCracker and NEC expertise, is designed to deliver this key benefit to mobile operators bringing rapid monetization of the infrastructure (whether network or IT) by enabling rapid provisioning and deployment of value-added services.
    • NEC and NetCracker's software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) solutions unlock the full potential of next generation networks.
      • NEC/NetCracker’s comprehensive Cloud-Based vCPE Solution for Business Services helps operators simplify and accelerate the sale, deployment and management of business services.
      • NEC/NetCracker’s SDN/NFV Solution for Cable MSOs brings together award-winning standardized products and offerings to help operators meet today’s customers’ bandwidth demands while minimizing costs and maximizing business efficiency.
      • NEC/NetCracker’s SGi-LAN Service Chaining Solution allows operators to monetize their SGi-LAN interfaces, increase revenue and minimize OpEx.
    • The Business Services Solution is built on NetCracker's core products, which include NetCracker applications, network infrastructure support, and a software application platform. It enables CSPs to manage services by adding new orders and by making on-the-fly changes to existing services.
    • NetCracker's Convergent Billing solution comprises a highly flexible and scalable billing system that helps communications businesses improve operational efficiency, enhance customer care and achieve greater profitability.
    • NetCracker’s Enterprise Billing solution helps operators meet organizational needs of both domestic and multinational enterprise customers, and enables the rapid price changes, bonus schemes and sophisticated hierarchy-based discounts required by enterprise customers.
    • The NetCracker Mobile Advertising solution changes the way advertising is delivered and utilizes extended targeting capabilities by using geography-based and personal, data-based information groupings. It allows merchants to deliver advertisements to customers at a time, place or occasion according to customers’ preferences.
    • NetCracker's Mobile Payment solution offers exciting capabilities for service providers that want to benefit from today’s ubiquitous e-commerce environment. Its sophisticated and advanced capabilities enable remote, cashless payments.
    • The NetCracker Machine-to-Machine solution ensures cost-efficient service delivery on top of interconnected devices.
    • NetCracker's Multi-Play solution provides out-of-the-box service configurations required for delivering voice, video and data services over a single network, helping operators reduce time-to-market.
    • NetCracker's Residential Access solution allows operators to manage business process transformation challenges to keep up with evolving telecom mass market offerings and provide high-speed access with reliable QoS.
    • NetCracker’s highly flexible Retail Billing solution enables operators to target services and bundles according to subscriber preferences and behaviors.
    • NetCracker’s smart, convergent Wholesale Billing solution helps CSPs to rate and bill the growing number of transactions cost-effectively and monetize network assets by enhancing the services and support required by today’s increasingly complex and demanding wholesale customers.
    • The futureproof design of NetCracker’s 4G Monetization solution helps operators to keep up with the increased market demands and transaction volumes and enhances the ability to monetize their high-speed voice and data networks.
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