Netcracker's Full Stack Enables IT, Operations and Infrastructure Virtualization Across Grupo Gtd's Multiple Businesses


Grupo Gtd has selected the Netcracker 12 suite, comprised of next-generation BSS/OSS and virtualization capabilities, to enable its large-scale IT consolidation, transformation and network virtualization program. As the foundational platform, Netcracker 12 will help Grupo Gtd to consolidate systems, standardize operations and deliver innovative services over cloud-based and virtualized infrastructure.

Grupo Gtd is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable telecommunications and IT solutions and services across Chile, Peru and Colombia. Netcracker 12's suite will be used for a transformation program across Gtd Teleductos, the national B2B arm of the company; Gtd Manquehue, serving residential and business customers in Chile's capital, Santiago; and Telefónica del Sur, which delivers residential and business services across southern Chile.

Grupo Gtd will use Netcracker 12's comprehensive BSS including Digital Customer and Business Enablement domains, which encompass Customer & Partner Management, Customer Channel Management, Product Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Revenue Management, and Cloud Online Charging System, as well as Netcracker's sophisticated Business Agility Layer. This will enable Grupo Gtd to seamlessly integrate multiple channels, enable converged billing for multiplay services, rationalize products and bring new digital services to market. It will lay the foundation for enhanced digital customer experience and accelerate time-to-market for personalized offerings to its diverse customer base.

On the operations and virtualization side of the transformation, Grupo Gtd will leverage Netcracker 12's Digital Operations Enablement and Infrastructure Virtualization domains, comprising Hybrid Service Management, including Orchestration, and Hybrid Resource Management, to deploy new services faster and configure offerings on the fly across both physical and virtual infrastructure. The new capabilities will help Grupo Gtd improve network utilization and active inventory management and enable more efficient reconciliation processes through the use of up-to-date network information.

Grupo Gtd will also utilize Netcracker's Professional Services, including End-to-End Implementation, Product Rationalization, Consulting and Data Migration expertise, to consolidate its diverse IT and network systems spread across multiple businesses, streamline operations, reduce costs and ensure that its business groups are aligned and utilize standardized processes and tools for overall business agility.

"We are moving aggressively to put in place the foundational infrastructure and platforms required to continue upgrading our digital capabilities. As such, we needed a partner like Netcracker, whose sophisticated BSS/OSS are enabling us to improve business and operational agility," said Alberto Bezanilla, CEO at Grupo Gtd. "The reason we chose Netcracker was because we were looking for a strategic partner that could deliver all of the key components—innovative cloud-based applications, comprehensive virtualization capabilities and a proven delivery track record—that would enable a diverse telecommunications and IT services company like Gtd to transform and achieve our strategic business objectives."

"Gtd's diverse customers expect the most innovative offerings delivered with outstanding customer experience," said Fabio Gatto, General Manager of LATAM at Netcracker. "We are excited to partner with Gtd, bringing the innovation of Netcracker 12 and our wide experience in enabling the digital transformation Gtd needs in order to keep building closer, deeper relationships with its customers."

About Grupo Gtd

Grupo Gtd is a company composed of five business units that has had a presence in the telecommunications market for 35 years. Since its inception, it has focused on the provision of high quality, reliable technical solutions and services. It also stands out because of the close relationships that it establishes with its clients, which allow it to agilely and promptly address any need that might emerge. Its portfolio of products and services is oriented towards large companies and corporations, small businesses, and government institutions. Since 2006, it has broadened the scope of its work through the integration of residential services such as telephony, broadband, and digital TV through Gtd Manquehue.