Netcracker Discovery & Reconciliation and Workforce Management Capabilities to Improve Network Synchronization, Control and Deployment


Maxcom, an integrated, quad-play communications provider in Mexico, has selected NEC Corporation, Netcracker and NEC México to deliver additional Netcracker OSS solutions that will improve business agility, infrastructure deployment as well as inventory and network synchronization. Maxcom provides high-speed Internet, voice and pay-TV services to residential and business customers in key metropolitan markets across Mexico.

In collaboration with NEC México, Netcracker will deliver two additional OSS solutions—Discovery & Reconciliation and  Workforce Management—to Maxcom’s already extensive suite of Netcracker OSS capabilities, which includes Resource Inventory, Service Inventory, Service Information Management, Service Order Management, Service Activation and Service Problem Management.

“The comprehensive Netcracker OSS solution that we already had in place enabled us to accelerate network planning projects, improve resource utilization and experience a number of other critical business and operational benefits,” said Miguel Ángel Ceballos Torres, Operations & IT Director at Maxcom. “This made selecting NEC and Netcracker to expand our OSS capabilities by adding more platforms the clear choice.”

In addition, Maxcom will use Netcracker’s extensive suite of professional services, which includes analysis, design, configuration, integration and testing. Also, Netcracker will provide data migration services.

“NEC México is very proud to add value to Maxcom and help them to provide guidance on their path to an all-IP network with Netcracker solutions,” said Enrique Leiva, Vice President, Board of Directors at NEC México. “We expect to continue our business relationship with Maxcom well into the future and to advance together with growth and diversification.”

“Having a complete, end-to-end OSS solution is critical for service providers that demand in-depth visibility, interoperability and control of their increasingly complex networks,” said Sylvain Seignour, Vice President of Global Sales at Netcracker. “We are excited to help Maxcom take another step forward in transforming its OSS environment to one that meets today’s standards and creates a foundation for the future.”

About Maxcom

Maxcom Telecomunicaciones is a Mexican integrated telecommunications services operator providing voice and data services to residential and small- and medium-sized business customers in four metropolitan markets in Mexico and selected service in other markets. The company provides a range of services including local and long-distance voice, data, high speed, dedicated and dial-up internet access, paid TV, public telephony and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) telephony. In addition it offers mobile voice service through resale and capacity leasing agreements with third parties. Maxcom Telecomunicaciones started operations in 1999 and is based in Mexico City.