New Revenue Management Functions Help Launch Innovative On-Demand Services


RCN recently found itself in a competitive fight against a growing range of network operators, including traditional cable multiple-system operators (MSOs) as well as communications, satellite TV and over-the-top (OTT) service providers. As a result, RCN was pressured to find a way to quickly scale capacity and expand its offering portfolio.

Action was required. The emergence of new players in the market and rapidly evolving customer demands would impact RCN’s bottom line and operations. The company made the strategic decision to optimize its residential services by adding digital offerings and more flexible service bundles, available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

To reach these objectives, RCN needed a modern revenue management solution that could meet changing business and functional requirements. Specifically, RCN needed more complex and flexible rating and billing capabilities, such as pay-as-you-go rating for voice, data and video services. This led RCN to expand its already successful 10-year partnership with us and utilize our Revenue Management solution. 

New Revenue Management Capabilities Help Maximize Customer Satisfaction 

Working closely with us, RCN successfully implemented its revenue management solution in fewer than 10 months. By improving its customer care and billing system with service-agnostic rating and billing capabilities as well as convergent charging and settlement functionality, RCN introduced the ability to create personalized offerings, enable flexible usage-based rating and billing and provide pay-as-you-go offerings.

The new solution lets RCN customers shift from traditional obligatory contract-based payment plans to a more flexible approach that allows consumers to freely change plans and pay for them accordingly. Contracts are no longer required to enjoy the full range of RCN’s residential offerings.


“Netcracker not only provides the functionality we need to innovate and differentiate our offerings, but has also proven its ability to deliver new capabilities rapidly and work closely with our IT organization to achieve our time-to-market goals. Our proven partnership with Netcracker enables a strong foundation to continue growing our business in new consumer sub-segments as well as into larger-scale enterprise customers.”

— Rob Roeder, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer at RCN



Optimizing customer experience despite growing competition from OTT and other service providers in the market.


Implement a revenue management solution capable of enabling pay-as-you-go plans that don’t require contracts.


  • Support for new convergent pay-as-you-go offerings
  • Accelerated time-to-market for innovative services
  • Reduced costs through automation
  • Introduced new revenue streams by opening new business lines

About RCN

RCN is a U.S. cable company that provides high-speed Internet, digital TV and phone services to more than 4 million residential, small business and large enterprise customers. In 2014, RCN was ranked by PC Magazine readers as the No. 1 Internet service provider in terms of overall satisfaction, pricing and likelihood to recommend.