Vast Broadband Uses Hosted Managed Services to Simplify Operations During and After Deployment of New Customer Experience Solution


In 2014, Vast Broadband acquired a range of cable, Internet and phone systems across South Dakota from Wide Open West (WOW!), a leading broadband and cable TV service provider across the Midwest and Southeast. To successfully enter into a new competitive market and take on 50,000 new customers, Vast Broadband recognized the need to improve overall customer management and reduce the time it takes to introduce more sophisticated services to the market.

Vast Broadband relied on our professional services and end-to-end cable solution to implement a unified order-to-cash process thanks to the company’s past experience working with us. Vast Broadband’s founders used our cable solution for many years and were already convinced of our unmatched reliability and flexibility in supporting a diverse subscriber base.

Over the course of seven months, we provided hosted managed services and worked with Vast Broadband to implement a cable-specific customer experience and revenue management solution. After the deployment, Vast Broadband continued to use the managed services to maintain and optimize the cable solution, streamlining and simplifying the process for ordering and activating new services.  

Reliability is the Foundation for Long-Term Growth 

Vast Broadband was able to onboard thousands of subscribers in a new market without introducing integration challenges by implementing a complete cable-oriented solution and using hosted managed services to ensure the platform’s peak performance and efficiency. Now, Vast Broadband can deliver the superior experience that its customers expect by reducing the time it takes to bring new services to the market.


“Netcracker’s successful delivery of its cutting-edge […] solution has validated our decision to continue our relationship. Netcracker’s comprehensive managed services capabilities have reaffirmed our confidence in them to host, manage and run its platform, allowing us to streamline our order-to-cash process and strengthen our customer and billing management operations.”

— Larry Eby, Chief Operating Officer at Vast Broadband



Entering a new competitive market with new customers invited the opportunity to optimize the service ordering process


Implemented an end-to-end cable-specific solution and hosted managed services to optimize the order-to-cash process


  • Accelerated time-to-market for new services
  • Improved customer experience through streamlined ordering process
  • Easy integration with other platforms

About Vast Broadband

Vast Broadband, which recently rebranded itself from Clarity Telecom, is a leading cable operator across South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota and northwestern Iowa. It provides high-speed Internet, television and digital voice services to business and residential customers.