January 9, 2018

3 Ways to Dodge DevOps’ Downside

There are many benefits to adopting a DevOps approach, but it’s important to do so without negatively affecting customer experience.

DevOps is being adopted increasingly as a means to shorten time-to-market and accelerate product lifecycle events like feature enhancements and upgrades. But as users adopt more devices and apps, they can face an endless barrage of interface changes, new features and updates. As service providers adopt DevOps as a part of their digital transformation efforts, it’s important to avoid degrading customer experiences with too many unannounced changes.

Here are three common mistakes that digital native companies frequently make and our suggested solutions.

1. Common Mistake: Too Many Changes to UI.

It is possible to introduce so many user interface (UI) changes that users give up on an app. If updates repeatedly affect app navigation, add too many screens or taps, or clutter screens with too much information, users will often stop or lessen their use of an app.

Our Solution: Focus on Efficiency.

UI changes should stem from elements that make apps easier and quicker to use by implementing gradual corrections.

2. Common Mistake: Poor Compatibility.

There’s nothing worse than needing to use an app only to find that it needs to be updated before using it. It takes time, battery power and mobile data and creates unnecessary stress for customers.

Our Solution: Let Users Upgrade at Their Convenience.

Service providers don’t need to support every version in an app, but allowing users of a previous version to continue to use an app and update at their convenience builds customer loyalty.

3. Common Mistake: Continuous Irrelevant Feature Introduction.

It’s great that DevOps will help move new features through development and into production, but it is important to consider how crucial those new features are and to what portion of the user base.

Our Solution: Aggregate Less Critical Updates Into Fewer Packages.

Combine small-scale, house-keeping updates and maintain the ability to introduce important changes rapidly.

Accelerating time-to-market for new services and achieving greater business agility are both important goals within any digital transformation. If common mistakes are avoided, adopting DevOps can be very advantageous for both service providers and customers.


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