March 20, 2018

Achieve Success in the Digital Economy by Becoming More Agile

By increasing business agility, service providers can succeed in an otherwise challenging transition toward a digital economy.

Our recent white paper “Winning Customers in the Digital Economy” explores the methods that service providers can implement in order to attain customers in today’s highly digital environment. Research has established that services providers generate a smaller percentage of industry-wide profits than they did five years ago. And the white paper establishes that new competition has emerged in the cloud segment. These challenges add a new layer of complexity for service providers, but increasing business agility has proven to be a successful way to win in the digital economy. 

Business agility can no longer be achieved by multiyear “big-bang” transformations. So how can service providers become more agile? There are a few recognized ways.

1. Implement a Two-Speed IT Approach

A two-speed approach is when you have a fast-speed front-end system that runs along a slow-speed back-end system. Using this approach, service providers can accelerate time-to-market for front-end applications while keeping legacy-driven core business processes intact. It also enables service providers to accelerate the transformation of customer-facing systems. 

2. Employ a Microservices-Based Architecture

By implementing microservices, service providers are able to deploy functionality incrementally and hit time-to-market goals faster than ever.

3. Enable Enterprise-Wide DevOps

With a DevOps approach, service providers can arrange development initiatives around the business teams with a concentration in those particular functions. This allows for collaboration between business and IT, laying the foundation for clear objectives and measurable goals. DevOps also establishes the continuous development, testing and deployment of functionality, which helps service providers implement software faster and more frequently. 

To learn more about how to improve business agility and why doing so is critical for acquiring and retaining customers in an increasingly fast-paced digital economy, check out our white paper.


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