October 18, 2017

Becoming More Agile Through Digital Transformation

Netcracker's e-book discusses how more than one third of service providers pursue digital transformation to become more agile and enable more efficient operations.

One of the primary motivations behind service providers' digital transformation initiatives is to become more agile. Netcracker and ICT intuition validated this point in a recent survey, which discovered that more than one third of service providers are pursuing digital transformation in order to improve operational efficiency.

In the e-book "Moving From CSP to DSP: Challenges and Strategies," Netcracker and ICT intuition highlight various reasons why service providers are becoming next-generation digital service providers, including the opportunity to enable greater business agility. Some of the core aspects that go into digitalization programs include modernizing legacy systems and implementing more automated processes. Unified infrastructure management across all services, products and networks introduces the opportunity to not only streamline mission-critical processes, but also to cut costs by reducing dependency on hardware-oriented processes and systems which often incorporate manual processes and are prone to human error.

With modernized, digital BSS, for example, service providers can utilize more real-time rating, charging and billing capabilities for their own and third-party products and services. This added agility enables them to improve customer experience and monetize digital services more quickly.

Read the full e-book to learn more about how digital transformation can help your business become more agile and operationally efficient.


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