December 14, 2017

Closing the Service Management Loop is the Key to Enabling More Efficient Operations

Service providers need to eliminate the silos in their service management domains in order to become more operationally efficient.

Today's service providers are looking to establish a unified service management approach to enable faster, streamlined operations. Netcracker's e-book, "5 Steps for Commercializing SDN/NFV," explains how closing the service management loop will help service providers accelerate the way they deliver, monitor and update services.

Service providers' traditional service management approach focused mainly on creating and delivering mass market services and less on managing those services after deployment. This method often forced service providers into slow, costly service change and upgrade processes. With the growing consumer demand for flawless, uninterrupted digital experiences, service providers need to be able to detect and resolve any service issues more quickly to keep their customers happy.

Closing the service management loop involves consolidating fragmented legacy tools and systems for a more efficient approach to testing, monitoring and troubleshooting services. This helps service providers to address challenges faster, enabling more time and energy to focus on innovation.

Check out the full e-book to learn more about what it means to close the service management loop, and how it helps service providers improve operational efficiency. 


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