November 3, 2016

Moving from CSP to DSP: Challenges and Strategies

New e-book details best practices for enabling digital transformation in today's service provider market.

Digital transformation is high on the list of priorities for many of today's service providers, but actually carrying it out is not without challenges. Technological, organizational and business hurdles lie in the way of enabling a seamless transition from a traditional service provider to a digital service provider, though embarking on this important journey and succeeding is not impossible.

In this new e-book, which includes insightful information based on a recent survey conducted by ICT Intuition and Coleman Parkes Research, we discuss where companies stand in their digital transformation program, what is holding them back and best practices for moving forward.

Download your free copy of the e-book here.

The e-book focuses on the important steps that service providers must take in order to evolve into the businesses that will succeed in the future, including overcoming both internal and external barriers. The e-book also highlights Netcracker's approach to enabling a successful digital transformation, as there are numerous benefits in becoming a digital service provider, as seen in the graphic below.

"As traditional business models and boundaries collapse, [service providers] are no longer in the driver’s seat of value creation, which means they need to evolve to become true enablers of services."

Download your copy today.


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