October 27, 2016

The Virtualization Shift: An Expert's Take on Embracing Transformation

In an interview with VanillaPlus, Fran Heeran of Netcracker discusses how service providers can cross virtualization's tipping point and tackle commercialization.

Virtualization has been on the minds of service providers around the world for some time and as they become more familiar with the technology, organizations are beginning to move beyond proofs of concept and into commercial deployment phases. This is one of the points that Fran Heeran, our Vice President and General Manager of SDN/NFV, makes in his recent interview with VanillaPlus. He notes that service providers now understand that virtualization and cloud offer more advantages than the cost savings that were promised when the technologies first emerged. To achieve the benefits of greater service agility and revenue generation, however, service providers need to transform.

Heeran goes on to say that the virtualization market is maturing and has been for some time, albeit at a relatively cautious pace. As we approach the tipping point where service providers take the plunge into the cloud, they need to change how they fundamentally operate and leverage hybrid models in which they use both virtualized and legacy environments until they can make the full transition to the cloud.

"Transformation is typically happening by capping existing systems and growing capacity with new virtualized systems. In hybrid environments, physical network functions are left in place and new virtual network functions are built. Both need to be managed in a way that provides service-wide views across both physical and virtual elements."

To get Heeran's take on how service providers need to transform their operations in order to fully embrace virtualization and cloud, download your free copy of the interview.


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