September 26, 2017

How to Commercialize SDN/NFV in 5 Steps

Service providers need to address five key activities in order to bring new virtualized services to market continuously.

Virtualized services are entering a rapid go-to-market phase that will require service providers to be able to fully commercialize new services continuously. Netcracker's e-book outlines the five steps service providers should take to generate revenue from new services that are based on SDN and NFV technologies.

1. Close the Service Management Loop

Service providers must completely automate service delivery, testing, monitoring, healing and scaling. This automation will allow service providers to focus more on optimizing quality of experience, service-level agreement management and policy-driven service assurance.

2. Support End-to-End Partner Onboarding

A robust partner ecosystem helps service providers bring larger catalogs of value-added services to market faster, especially in enterprise markets. Bringing partners on board should be an exercise in bringing integrated and interoperable services to market because of well-defined partner onboarding, testing and service commercialization processes.

3. Bring Together Real-Time Revenue Management

Revenue management is not just about billing and charging. Its focus has to include making it easy for customers to select and be charged for services using a self-service portal. This expanded view focuses on digital business enablement and comprises product catalogs, partner management, complex pricing and intelligent self-service capabilities.

4. Build a Digital Marketplace

Customers expect to browse, select and configure offerings through a digital marketplace environment that provides a high degree of control through a simple self-service interface. Leveraging a healthy partner ecosystem allows service providers to roll out new services, packages and vertical-specific offerings rapidly.

5. Enable Pervasive Policy Management

Policy management now must address dynamic services that include both virtual and physical components, depend on multiple network layers and integrate with multiple partner components. In other words, hybrid orchestration is an absolute necessity to commercialize SDN/NFV.

As widespread commercial deployment of virtualized services takes shape, these five steps represent some of the most important and consistently encountered requirements across Netcracker's dozens of PoCs, pilots and commercial launches.

Get your copy of the e-book here for a deeper look at Netcracker's five-step approach to commercializing SDN/NFV.


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