June 12, 2018

Netcracker is Top of the Class Again in Service Fulfillment and Orchestration

Netcracker was named the sole leader of GlobalData’s Competitive Landscape Assessment of the service fulfillment and orchestration market.

Configuring, delivering and managing digital B2B and B2C services requires the use of cutting-edge service fulfillment and orchestration solutions, which are, in turn, growing more sophisticated by taking on new functionality like configure, price, quote (CPQ) and device management capabilities. As the market for these solutions expands in order to keep up with both business and customer demands, service providers are increasingly pressured to use future-proof, next-gen platforms.

Enter: Netcracker 12.

In GlobalData’s most recent Competitive Landscape Assessment of the service fulfillment and orchestration market, the Netcracker 12 platform was scored as the sole leader. Our solution was identified as either very strong or the leader in several categories, including catalog, end-to-end orchestration, automated management, native cloud components and order management.​

For more information about GlobalData’s assessment of Netcracker 12’s market-leading service fulfillment and orchestration capabilities, download the free report here!


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