October 19, 2017

Overcoming the Obstacles to Becoming a DSP With the Right Strategic Partner

Netcracker, ICT intuition and Coleman Parkes Research surveyed 115 service providers to identify the primary barriers to digital transformation.

The rise of compelling digital platforms and internet-based communications and entertainment services is putting pressure on service providers to evolve their networks and businesses. There are several key factors driving digital transformation initiatives, including rising customer demand, increasing market competition and the growing need for digital business services.  

Despite this common trend, however, the transition into a digital service provider requires overcoming some hurdles. Some of the challenges include:

  • Traditional organizational boundaries, such as a lack of employees with the necessary skillsets and corporate mindsets that are reluctant to change.
  • External barriers, including a lack of qualified partners and core IT infrastructure capabilities that cannot support modernized back-office systems and next-generation BSS.
  • The inability to decide which services should be digitized first and a lack of clarity around digital transformation end goals.

These challenges can be overcome by working with a proven strategic partner.

Read our Partners and Priorities e-book to learn about the benefits of strategic partnerships and how Netcracker can help you establish and reach your digital transformation goals.


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