August 17, 2016

Report: For Faster Service Creation and Delivery, Be Agile

Heavy Reading report highlights the growing need for modern programming methods and workflows to build services quickly in complex networks.

Service providers are well aware that customers today want instant access to the services and products they purchase. If they do not move quickly enough when developing and deploying new services, their customers will turn to competitors, namely the web-scale companies that have built reputations on speed, value and convenience.

Netcracker recently teamed up with Heavy Reading, the research division of Light Reading, on a paper highlighting service providers' need to leverage Agile methodologies in order to maximize the benefits of accelerating operations brought about by virtualized technologies. The report, written by Caroline Chappell, Practice Leader of NFV & Cloud at Heavy Reading, underscores how hybrid ecosystems consisting of both virtualized and physical environments are forcing service providers to adapt.

Download your free copy of the report.

Netcracker's solutions and services enable service providers to fundamentally transform the way they operate, ushering in a new era of agility and responsiveness that is required in the digital business world. By implementing DevOps practices—that is, extensive collaboration between teams and continuous integration and support—service providers can eliminate silos and reduce the time it takes to build and deliver the products and services that their customers demand.

"To be agile in the face of relentless change, leading operators recognize the need to adopt a new mindset and set of capabilities, summed up in the term 'DevOps,'" Chappell writes in the report.

To read the whole report, download your copy here.


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