November 14, 2017

Stratecast Provides Guidance on Becoming a Digital Service Provider

Netcracker-sponsored white paper offers a close look at prioritizing digital transformation efforts.

A Netcracker-sponsored white paper by Stratecast explains that the major benefit service providers gain through digital transformation is becoming multifaceted and agile enough to support new business models that move them to the center of the value stream and solidify their brands in the digital world.

Key Focus Areas for Digital Transformation

The degree of change digital transformation entails will impact many established systems and practices. It is a process taken in phases and layers, with some initiatives accelerated to achieve time-to-market goals and others paced to facilitate long-term evolution.

Stratecast's key attributes for conducting successful, large-scale transformations include:

  • Agile operations and automation.
  • Business model flexibility.
  • Customer experience management.
  • Ecosystem creation and management.

New BSS, OSS and MANO Priorities

Because services are becoming dynamic, available on demand and emerging as critical catalysts for service providers' digital transformation initiatives, next-gen BSS, OSS and MANO priorities are changing. New areas of focus include accounting for ecosystem-based business models; managing dynamic and virtual infrastructure; meeting increasing digital customer experience expectations; supporting real-time revenue management; moving up the value chain across industry verticals; and using analytics to drive business improvement.

When Have You Become a DSP?

A digital service provider leverages the substantial assets of a communications service provider—networks, IT systems, digital customer enablement infrastructure, channels to market, customer care and support centers and operations platforms—yet exhibits business and service model characteristics specific to the digital economy. These include:

  • Intuitive, personalized customer experiences.
  • Simple digital interaction channels.
  • Pricing for a variety of digital consumption models.
  • Rapid service creation.
  • An increasing degree of closed-loop automation.
  • Effective partner onboarding.
  • Strong competencies in data analytics.

Download and read the white paper to explore the obstacles and strategies around becoming a digital service provider.


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