December 12, 2017

The OTT Perception May Need to Change as Digital Services Grow in Popularity

Service providers may need to consider OTT players more than just competitors, perhaps visualizing them as partners to increase revenue.

Over-the-top (OTT) providers are enjoying growing customer bases and taking significant revenue away from service providers by delivering the services customers want without having to manage the network. However, network service providers have a unique opportunity to partner with these OTT players to expand their service portfolio in an increasingly diverse and competitive market. In the Netcracker-sponsored white paper "Becoming a Digital Service Provider," Stratecast explains how network providers can take advantage of their position as they face rising pressure from OTT providers.

Consumers often credit digital companies like Netflix for streaming their favorite shows and movies. On the other hand, service providers usually aren't appreciated for delivering the bandwidth and other network assets that make digital experiences like streaming possible.

In the white paper, Stratecast describes examples of service providers increasing their share of revenue from OTT services. Comcast, for example, now offers access to Netflix on its X1 set-top box platform. This move makes sense for both companies, as it opens a new revenue opportunity for Comcast and gives Netflix access to expansive customer base.

Explore the full white paper to capture deeper insights into how service providers can increase revenue by evolving their relationships with OTT players.


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