May 12, 2016

Top 4 Highlights from TM Forum Live! 2016

As TM Forum's annual event in Nice, France, comes to a close, here's our wrap-up.

This week at TM Forum Live! 2016 in Nice, France, has been a busy one for Netcracker. In addition to speaking on six different panels, participating in two Catalysts and hosting a range of frequently visited technology demonstrations in our booth, we also announced a flurry of news.

Here are four quick takeaways from the show this week:

1. Netcracker unveiled Agile Virtualization Platform and Practice (AVP)

Together with our parent company, NEC, we revealed AVP: a unique combination of tools, systems and processes all designed to help service providers adopt and benefit from virtualization technologies more effectively.

AVP tackles three of what we see as the primary inhibitors preventing businesses from embracing SDN/NFV—commercialization uncertainty (the inability to properly identify, build and launch new revenue-generating services); operational complexity (the challenges associated with managing and integrating existing services alongside newer, virtualized environments); and organizational misalignment (the lack of trained personnel who have the skillsets and talent to effectively leverage virtualization).

2. NTT validated Netcracker’s NFV/SDN orchestration capabilities

NTT Corp. is using NEC’s and Netcracker’s Orchestration solution as a part of its large-scale NetroSphere initiative, which is designed to transform service provider networks from traditional purpose-built hardware-based ecosystems to flexible environments made of modular components. The use of Netcracker’s Orchestration solution highlights the importance of orchestration as a whole; as businesses embrace more agile and scalable network infrastructure, they will need solutions that can align all components and simplify the management of diverse elements.

3. Andorra extended its BSS partnership with Netcracker

In Nice, we announced our expanded relationship with Andorra Telecom, the national telecom operator for the Principality of Andorra. Prior to this engagement, Andorra Telecom was using a full suite of our BSS and OSS in order to bring new services to market more quickly. By adding additional BSS capabilities, Andorra Telecom can now monetize those new services in real time.

4. Netcracker won TM Forum’s Digital World Award

During the Digital Awards Gala at TM Forum Live!, it was announced that we won for our “Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility.” This recognition from TM Forum highlights our solution capabilities in helping service providers become more nimble, reduce unnecessary costs and deliver a better experience to customers.

Wherever service providers are in their journey to become digital service providers and web-scale companies, Netcracker this week showed that its job is to meet customers where they are now and help them on that journey. We help our customers manage the organizational (cultural), commercial and operational challenges in order to move forward successfully.


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