Netcracker 12 for Digital Enterprise

Move your business up the value chain and profit with cloud economics.

Enable multisided business models, value-added resale and enterprise innovation in the cloud.


The B2B market has shifted to adopt Industry 4.0 principles. It will leverage artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain and the IoT. It is real-time, integrated, analytics-driven and migrating to the cloud. Your challenge is to enable it.

Netcracker 12 provides a single, cloud-native platform for driving digital business in B2B markets. It is customer-centric, omnichannel and designed to grow partner ecosystems. Netcracker 12 offers real-time capabilities and advanced analytics, enabling adaptive customer experiences, automated hybrid operations and dynamic networking. 

The platform supports multisided business models, enabling you to move up the value chain, expand your enterprise service offerings and increase revenue across your sales channels.

Netcracker 12 monetizes virtualization, delivering world-class hybrid orchestration, end-to-end virtual network solutions and a digital marketplace of commercialized cloud services.

Our offering enables you to:

  • Power DSP-to-Enterprise, CSP-to-VAR-to-Enterprise and CSP-to-Enterprise Channel models.
  • Deliver new services and generate new revenue over virtualized infrastructure.
  • Offer more IT applications and NFV-as-a-service through a self-service marketplace.
  • Adopt Agile and DevOps principles to accelerate innovation and time-to-market.