Netcracker 12 for the Cloud

Leverage the platform to power your cloud strategy.

Optimize operations and pursue new markets as you migrate to the cloud.


As cloud services and infrastructure strategies evolve, customers demand more cloud-based capabilities. Your IT architecture becomes hybrid as it transitions, yet working in and operating from the cloud won’t be enough. New applications and integrations will require cloud-native design from the start.

Netcracker 12 provides the full suite of tools you need to manage any variety of cloud environment, including private, public and large-scale hybrid. It is designed for the cloud, enables you to operate at scale from the cloud and supports the transition to cloud-native applications.

It helps you migrate business applications to the cloud, enabling you to scale up cloud-based operations over time. With microservices-based cloud-native functions, Netcracker 12 enables Agile approaches to new services and business functions with rapid, DevOps-driven delivery.

Netcracker 12 delivers a comprehensive digital marketplace of fully commercialized cloud services. It drives innovation and brings new services to market rapidly with a digital, self-service experience.

Our offering enables you to:

  • Deploy any type of cloud model, such as private, public or hybrid.
  • Migrate business applications to the cloud incrementally and rapidly.
  • Implement the technology foundation to operate at scale from a cloud environment.
  • Generate revenue with a  our Digital Marketplace of cloud and virtualized services.
  • Leverage pre-integrated BSS and OSS microservices to enhance capabilities and accelerate time-to-market.