Netcracker 12 for the Internet of Things

Commercialize your M2M initiatives at scale.

Leverage technologies proven in smart grids, smart cities and Industry 4.0 settings worldwide.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is measured in billions. Voice control, augmented reality and wearables are transforming workplaces as connected and automated meters, lighting and public safety devices make cities smarter. Your challenge is to make it all work together seamlessly.

Netcracker 12 provides a single platform for commercializing, deploying and operating large-scale smart city, smart energy and Industry 4.0 initiatives. It offers a converged customer and revenue management solution proven in some of the world’s most ambitious industrial-scale IoT transformation programs.

Its comprehensive next-gen BSS capabilities are designed specifically to support IoT offerings, ecosystems and multisided business models. Advanced analytics address IoT data flows while generating insights and informing adaptive experiences. With our experience and expertise, Netcracker 12 enables new IoT applications designed for specific verticals such as healthcare, smart cities, smart utilities and connected vehicles.

Netcracker 12 delivers world-class hybrid orchestration as well as predictive and dynamic network management to support IoT initiatives in hybrid and virtualized networks. Its self-service digital marketplace commercializes virtual network services and IoT applications to accelerate time to market. 

Our offering enables you to:

  • Power DSP-to-Enterprise, CSP-to-VAR-to-Enterprise and CSP-to-Enterprise Channel models.
  • Enhance functionality, improve services and optimize monetization with predictive machine learning algorithms.
  • Onboard partners rapidly, support a wide range of B2B relationships and bill or charge for all types of services.
  • Provide network slicing and offer dedicated virtual networks over shared infrastructure.
  • Activate, configure and manage eSIM-equipped devices.