Netcracker Transforms BSS and Enhances Content Delivery for Israel’s yes Satellite TV

NetCracker Technology announced today that Israeli direct broadcast satellite provider yes has implemented its Billing, Rating, and CRM solutions.

Netcracker Technology announced today that Israeli direct broadcast satellite provider yes has implemented its Billing, Rating, and CRM solutions to improve customer interactions, accelerate speed-to-market for complex service bundles and promotions, and support new forms of content delivery and transactions across a variety of customer devices.

yes is the sole direct broadcast satellite TV provider in Israel’s highly competitive Pay TV market. yes is working with Netcracker to enhance its content delivery offerings and customer experience through a large-scale, multi-year transformation. This long term program will migrate yes to an end-to-end Netcracker BSS/OSS implementation.

“The market for digitalized, on-demand Pay TV content continues to accelerate and become more competitive,” said Roni Baranov, VP Information Management at yes. “Transforming our end-to-end BSS/OSS capabilities with Netcracker will enable us to deliver competitive new offerings rapidly while continuing to lead with the best customer experience in our market.”

As a result of the program’s current phase, yes has implemented Netcracker’s CRM solution to provide a centralized, 360 degree view of its customers, case management, and workflows. At the same time, yes is upgrading its billing capabilities with Netcracker’s Rating and Billing solution.  As a result, yes will boost speed-to-market for complex bundles, price plans, and tailored promotions; enable sales, payment, service fulfillment, and customer care across a variety of devices; and enhance its content offerings.

“We are excited to work with yes because the company has always been an industry leader focused on innovative services and high quality customer experiences,” says Sylvain Seignour, Vice President Americas and Europe at Netcracker. “This multi-year transformation program attests to the strength of Netcracker’s long standing partnership with yes and our commitment to helping them deliver market leading offerings to their customers now and well into the future.”

About yes Satellite TV

yes was established in 1998, and launched its broadcasting services in July 2000. yes is Israel's only provider of multi-channel television broadcasts via satellite, and was the first company to offer digital broadcasts and interactive television services. Since its establishment, yes has been at the forefront of relevant technologies and its offerings are on par with the largest global multi-channel television companies.

Since yes’ inception, the company has recruited over 585,000 subscribers constituting 40% of Israel's multi-channel television market share. yes currently employs a staff of 2,300. The company's turnover in 2011 totaled about NIS 1.6 billion. yes is owned by Bezeq and the Eurocom Group.

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