B2B Services Monetization

Deliver innovative and revenue-generating business services faster.

Be first to the market with quickly onboarded, easily configured, multiparty offerings that target and monetize for enterprise and SMB customers.

Drive B2B Profitability

Netcracker helps MSOs deliver customer-specific B2B triple-play, quad-play and multiparty value-added services. Our cable solution gives you the rating, billing and other tools you need to build diverse, revenue-generating XaaS partnerships and maximize customer experience.

Launch and Deliver Targeted Business Services Faster

Netcracker’s B2B Services Monetization solution helps you facilitate new service launches and reduce time-to-revenue with a fully converged, real-time, digitally enabled platform. It ensures your ability to build new business services with greater pricing and packaging flexibility, allowing broader, multiparty service bundles to be delivered across multiple channels, products and customer segments.

Our solution enables you to introduce innovative digital offerings and converged service bundles quickly through a highly automated, centralized product catalog. It also ensures the delivery of consistent digital journeys via personalized, real-time interactions, as well as attractive product offerings that bring together native and next-gen digital services.

Ready-to-Install Solution Components

Our B2B Services Monetization solution for cable providers includes the following components.

Customer Management

Our Customer Management component provides a centralized, cross-channel view of customer data, interactions, products and other information. It allows you to manage customer experience and inquiries from a single location.

Partner Management

The Partner Management component streamlines partner relationship management throughout the end-to-end lifecycle, from onboarding to settlements.

Order Management

Our Order Management component provides a centralized product catalog as well as convenient order entry capabilities with built-in guidance, product availability checks and fulfillment functionality

Revenue Management

The Revenue Management component provides a broad scope of mission-critical capabilities to monetize traditional and next-gen digital, cloud-based and virtualized services, including complex multiparty offerings.