Cable Customer Journey Management

Enable personalized customer journeys across channels, services and devices.

Provide personalized offerings, design a better service experience and keep in touch with your customers across traditional and digital channels.

Cable Customer Journey Management

Netcracker’s Cable Customer Journey Management solution enables the delivery of a personalized, proactive and omnichannel customer experience across digital and traditional channels. It allows cable providers to unify myriad user experiences into continuous customer journeys.

Maximize Customer Loyalty & Lifetime Value

Netcracker’s Cable Customer Journey Management solution helps you maximize customer lifetime value by identifying upsell opportunities, personalizing offerings and enabling better communication with your customers. It also ensures your ability to retain a solid customer base by measuring your net promoter score (NPS) and churn probability, proactively engaging with your customers and strengthening loyalty.

Our solution will enable you to gain a competitive edge by leveraging two-speed IT architecture, avoiding long transformational cycles and empowering your business to drive change.

Ready-to-Install Solution Components

Our Cable Customer Journey Management solution includes the following components.

Customer Profiler

This provides instant access to customer information that is vital for understanding the nature of customer requests and expectations. Aggregating information from different sources, our Customer Profiler component presents only the most relevant data in a snapshot in order to help you make every interaction meaningful.

Journey Manager

Our Journey Manager component helps to create a smooth, coherent interaction experience for customers. Rich configuration capabilities and pre-defined templates facilitate the creation of optimized journeys. By leveraging both past engagements and real-time customer data, it formulates automated suggestions to help continuously improve the customer journey.

Channel Personalization

The Channel Personalization component helps you create custom user interfaces targeted for specific business needs. Omnichannel by nature, the component is used to design multiple views for each step of the customer journey, offering relevant widgets, banners and timely notifications along the way.

Contextual Decisioning

Our Contextual Decisioning component enables you to make real-time business decisions to optimize customer experience. It contains easily adjustable policies and rules that reduce time-to-market for enhancements.