Intelligent Agent Desktop

Empower your call center agents with data and decisioning that accelerates customer resolution times.

Our industry-leading customer experience management platform can help you increase agent productivity via greater automation, customer data consolidation and next-best-action guidance that ensures customer issues are resolved the first time, every time.

Gain a Smart, 360-Degree View of Customers

Netcracker’s Intelligent Agent Desktop solution provides cable providers with an integrated, analytics-driven engagement platform. It empowers customer service agents with comprehensive subscriber information to enable faster and smarter interactions. 

Empower Customer Service Agents With Smarter Decisioning for Faster, More Efficient Customer Interactions

Empower your customer service agents with quicker, more reliable access to customer information in order to streamline order flows, reduce call handling times and increase productivity.

Reduce agent training times up to 75 percent through a simplified user interface that is easy to adopt and understand. Our solution will help you improve operational efficiency and eliminate “swivel chair” actions by giving your agents the ability to easily jump between channels while accessing consistent customer information. It uses a centralized user interface that is integrated with third-party, front-end applications, interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities and recommendation engines.

Leveraging our Intelligent Agent Desktop will enable you to build better relationships with your customers and acquire more clarity into those engagements, allowing you to deliver a more holistic and personalized customer experience.

Direct Integration with Netcracker’s Business and Service Enablement Solutions

Our Intelligent Agent Desktop solution will enable you to provide a truly unique customer experience, thanks to an integrated, data-driven technology platform that makes customer agent interactions proactive, smart, efficient and cost-effective.

Because our offering is pre-integrated with Netcracker’s Digital Business and Customer Enablement solutions, it provides a customer-centric architecture that enables even greater business agility. Agents can reduce call handling times by improving omnichannel interactions through cross-channel hopping capabilities and access to consistent information across all channels. 

Our solution will also help you sell a wider range of offerings faster due to its integration with Netcracker’s Offer Catalog and CPQ solutions. It will allow you to enhance customer interactions, enable intelligent and proactive guided selling and provide smart recommendations for specific customers using our Customer Journey Management and Customer Profiler offerings. 

Netcracker’s Intelligent Agent Desktop is integrated with Netcracker’s Customer Enablement suite.