SD-WAN Solution for Cable

Take your B2B business to the next level.

Secure a competitive edge and build new revenue streams by organically expanding into the high-value SMB and enterprise markets.

Grow Enterprise Revenue with Virtual Connectivity Services

Netcracker´s SD-WAN solution allows you to create and deliver new value-added services to small, medium and large business customers. With SD-WAN,  you can provide more efficient connectivity  by augmenting your existing fiber and MPLS footprints with cloud offerings, and delivering a new portfolio of value added services.

This natural extension into cloud B2B services enables you to build a new revenue growth strategy in a rapidly expanding and increasingly digital market. Our SD-WAN solution provides a rich set of plug-and-play features which can be custom-bundled and deployed on a single universal CPE (uCPE) device. These features include:

  • Application-aware routing.
  • A full-mesh VPN.
  • DoS protection.
  • DHCP and CGNAT.
  • A next-gen firewall.

Our cable SD-WAN solution can be deployed in your own data center or purchased as a cloud service from Netcracker in a multicloud environment.

Expand Enterprise Service Revenues using the Cloud and Virtualization

Our SD-WAN solution enables you to enter into the cloud B2B market with a full-scale SD-WAN solution complete with advanced security in as few as 8 weeks. Using an intuitive, unified portal, our solution helps you differentiate from competitors by providing enterprise users with a strong, digital user experience.

With easy access to our Ecosystem 2.0, you can easily onboard and add new value-added services from the partners you choose without any vendor lock-in concerns. We also provide a range of support and professional services to ensure you implement the best, more profitable go-to-market strategy.

Ready-to-Install Solution Components

Our SD-WAN solution for MSOs couples rich functional capabilities with end-to-end professional services.

Key Capabilities

  • Unified self-service portal with intuitive end-customer tools to manage SD-WAN services from multiple vendors.
  • Service orchestration that enables zero-touch provisioning across virtual and physical environments.
  • SD-WAN controller that acts as the central point of connectivity between customer sites, providing flexible logical connections and routing exchanges.
  • Catalog-driven marketplace with pre-configured SD-WAN service, including equipment, licenses and bundles.

Professional Services

  • Go-to-market advisory and assistance ensures optimization across all phases, from market and offering definition to marketing and sales enablement to program management and post-launch success.
  • Hosting services give you the option to have Netcracker host and run the service for lower upfront costs and shorter time-to-market.
  • Organizational readiness and business process consultancy services help you to arrange the supply chain to deliver CPEs to your location or your customer’s location.