Netcracker Cloud BSS

Harnessing cloud economics to monetize next-generation services

Netcracker Cloud BSS is a SaaS-based, cloud-native solution that runs in the public cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) and helps CSPs create and launch new business cases for the digital economy.

Netcracker BSS SaaS Offerings

Netcracker Cloud BSS is based on modern, cloud-native technology, which is architected to help operators evolve to a partner-based digital economy. It is deployed in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, with Netcracker assuming responsibility for the software and infrastructure. It comprises three cloud-based offerings – Marketing and Commerce Cloud, Sales and Customer Service Cloud and Revenue Management Cloud – which support end-to-end, lead-to-cash business processes for operators.

Future-proofed functional capabilities enable operators to become more innovative and disruptive, facilitating access into new markets and guaranteeing carrier-grade quality and compliance with strict security and privacy requirements.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Marketing and Commerce Cloud

Netcracker Marketing and Commerce Cloud enables operators to attract and retain customers by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to anticipate customer needs and behavior, delivering personalized engagements via their channel of choice while proactively driving loyalty. A digital-first approach allows operators to differentiate themselves and win market share.

Build Strong Brand Loyalty with Sales and Customer Service Cloud

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud increases automation of the lead-to-customer conversion process. It also allows operators to innovate and expand into new verticals with flexible product bundles across traditional and digital OTT, IoT and cloud products.

Intelligent customer service builds strong brand loyalty through a customer-centric approach. Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud enables a level of automation that dramatically reduces the operator’s cost to support their customers.

Unlock New Revenue Streams with Revenue Management Cloud

Netcracker Revenue Management Cloud allows operators to monetize many different business models, including B2B2X scenarios, with dynamic settlements among multiple partners. Netcracker’s real-time charging is ready for 5G,  and with its multi-tenancy capability, CSPs can offer billing as a service to other CSPs or enterprises.

Billing operations configuration is intuitive and fully automated, and with transparent monitoring and troubleshooting, CSPs are able to meet their SLAs.