Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud

Inspire strong brand loyalty

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud automates lead-to-customer conversion and reduces operator costs with a customer-centric approach.


Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud provides guided selling tools with intelligent recommendations for detailed customer profiles and productive customer engagement. It streamlines sales processes with an intuitive and customized interface for complex B2C and B2B scenarios to significantly expedite quotes.

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud provides customer service and support with intelligent customer engagement to capture critical customer information, deliver personalized responses and guide support agents to the next step. It orchestrates omnichannel customer engagement to achieve the best outcome.

Sales and Customer Service Cloud

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud drives the sales cycle with rapid responses. It implements multi-channel scanning to find and accept critical leads, predictive analysis to focus on viable opportunities, and an automated schedule to complete daily tasks. It provides real-time access to AI-driven customer insights to foster an extensive understanding of both existing accounts and prospective customers.

This Netcracker offering automates and optimizes the creation process of sales quotes. It supports a customized approach with flexible service packaging, comprehensive discounting and dynamic contract generation. Sales and Customer Service Cloud provides accurate configurations, context-based quotation flows and intelligent product recommendations. Intelligent deal management maximizes margins and win rates by using operator business objectives to focus on optimal deals.

Once the order is submitted, Sales and Customer Service Cloud provides automated order orchestration and management. It includes advanced capabilities, such as in-flight order modification and cancellation, high-order visibility and traceability, and automated error management to minimize order fallout.

Accelerate Sales Cycles

Enter New Verticals

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud allows business users to create and launch digital offerings for consumers and enterprises in just minutes. Agility and configurability are supported by an intuitive interface with immediate accessibility for templates, a centralized view of the product portfolio, agile management of the product lifecycle and rapid distribution to production systems. This establishes effective cooperation within and outside CSPs with shared access to multiple business and operations teams.

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud can rapidly launch diverse combinations of product bundles from multiple partners to create unique service offerings for customer segments. Intelligence drives recommendations to optimize bundles and support any combination of use cases and business models.

Partner ecosystems have become an important channel for new opportunities and are integral to CSPs gaining a competitive edge against other digital service providers. Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud provides a set of TM Forum-compliant open APIs for partners to seamlessly onboard products and services to an ecosystem.

Enter New Verticals

Streamline Customer Service

Netcracker Sales and Customer Service Cloud provides a unified agent workplace for effective customer engagement using complete profiles with the latest information on a single screen. Customer support representatives have instant access to AI-driven insights to manage every customer request quickly and effectively.

Sales and Customer Service Cloud utilizes intelligent automation to provide agents with information in real time for personalized interactions and greater effectiveness in customer support. Its AI-driven workflows dynamically adjust to agent skills, situational context and customer sentiment, so agents can deliver optimal service. Customer service agents can initiate an intuitive and guided process to quickly pinpoint, diagnose and resolve customer issues.

Machine learning augments existing customer support functions with better case qualification and classification. It also provides root cause analysis with a display of potential causes for a service problem.

Streamline Customer Service