Features & Benefits

Our Customer Channel Management uses comprehensive eCommerce, POS, CSR and social care tools to maximize revenue and provides:

  • A single-platform, unified order engine and centralized product catalog that ensures data and process consistency across all channels
  • Analytics-driven personalized customer experience through context-driven, real-time offers and content via the appropriate channels at the right time
  • A simplified shopping experience through comprehensive bundling, configuration and subscription management processes for even the most complex products and services
  • A simplified customer service procedure by ensuring that CSRs and customers use a single portal with co-browsing features
  • Next-generation customer support via social networks
  • Special offers and customer-optimized channels with user-friendly interfaces to reduce store and call center handling times
  • Advanced CSR performance analysis capabilities to improve customer service efficiency
  • Support for innovative offerings, such as smart homes and cloud services, to introduce new revenue opportunities
  • Cloud-enabled products that can be redistributed to partners on the SaaS model basis

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