IoT & M2M Modules

Create end-to-end IoT offers with a comprehensive portfolio of IoT assets.

Leverage a complete package of tools, technologies and ready-made applications to quickly commercialize IoT services.


NEC/Netcracker's IoT & M2M Modules offering includes a platform that onboards and runs IoT applications for vertical markets; provides a development environment for third-party IoT providers; and aggregates, stores and transfers traffic between devices and users. The platform fully adapts aggregated information for analytics modules to process. This allows IoT applications' massive data volumes to be analyzed to generate real-time insights that optimize your IoT business.

Our IoT Control Center provides a single view of dedicated infrastructure and helps automate the management of applications and devices connected to your network. Our Control Center also optimizes your IoT infrastructure to improve margins.

This comprehensive offering provides pre-integrated, market-ready IoT applications designed for specific vertical industries as well as cutting-edge tools that facilitate application development, testing and deployment. Our IoT marketplace capabilities enable service providers to commercialize IoT applications rapidly in any market segment.

Our IoT & M2M Modules offering also provides a unified IoT Gateway to optimize your usage of network resources and to ensure support for a large variety of devices, protocols and connectivity options. It provides easy onboarding and service commercialization capabilities for a wide variety of diverse devices. It can significantly reduce the cost to support and manage IoT devices across different verticals, each with its own unique requirements and demands.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Optimize costs and operations by leveraging a single, 360-degree view of all devices in your IoT network.
  • Accelerate application development and time-to-market by using an app development framework with reusable software components and widgets.
  • Utilize open APIs to access data collected from any device regardless of its communication interface.
  • Prepare, offload and compress data for real-time analysis to improve workload management.

IoT & M2M Modules comprise the following modules:

M2M Platform

Onboard and deliver IoT applications for various vertical markets.

IoT Applications

Accelerate IoT adoption with ready-made applications and an intuitive developer environment.

Control Center

Leverage a single view of the IoT infrastructure and automated management of the applications and devices connected to your network.

IoT Gateway

Offload your core network to optimize resource usage and ensure support for diverse protocols, devices and connectivity options.

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