Customer Profiler

Gain real-time customer insight to provide personalized experiences.

Deliver optimized interactions for customers based on segmented or individual profiles.


The best way to deliver targeted campaigns or personalized interactions to customers is by acquiring information about your customers and their expectations. Unfortunately, getting real insight into customer needs can be a challenging task if you have contextual data living in multiple systems.

The Customer Profiler component of our Customer Journey Management offering provides a single, aggregated customer view by combining data from both online and offline sources. It allows you to divide your customer base across segments of any size based on a wide range of parameters, such as demographics, preferences, interests, usage and more. This flexibility means you can deliver relevant messages across all channels while simultaneously maintaining a high-level view of all customers at a single glance.


Our offering enables you to:

  • Acquire real-time customer insight by aggregating information from all channels, systems and interactions.
  • Personalize sales, care and marketing processes to specific customer segments and individuals.
  • Deliver proactive engagements by aggregating customer behavior information through an intelligent system.

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