Provide a single point of access for all applications and services.

Deliver a one-stop shop for cloud services to ensure a personalized shopping experience and seamless customer journey.


Netcracker’s Storefront offering acts as a central point for service providers to sell cloud and virtualized network functions. This one-stop shop supports a wide range of services and is suitable for markets of any size, allowing you to sell proprietary cloud services and third-party services from a single, web-based portal. And with an intuitive user interface (UI), Netcracker’s Storefront helps enable a seamless customer journey.  

The customers can access the storefront through any device, using almost any web-browser. This flexibility allows customers to select, order and use cloud services anytime, anywhere.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Offer a one-stop shop platform that supports multiple devices, browsers and languages, providing an omnichannel customer experience.
  • Promote upsell and cross-sell opportunities with personalized product and service recommendations.
  • Enable single sign-on capabilities for all applications and services and display different products and services to align with the demands of the market segment or the specific location. 
  • Experience purchase process convenience and transparency through self-service shopping cart and multi-dimensional product search options.

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