Subscription Management

Provide flexible subscription models across digital services.

Manage customer subscriptions, product license parameters and assigned users and groups.


Netcracker’s Subscription Management offering helps ensure that products and services are accurately assigned to the customer or group of customers. It enables you to maximize service revenue by managing solution licenses and customer product subscriptions for cloud and non-cloud services purchased by a customer or user group in the digital marketplace. Our Subscription Management offering also allows you to assign product licenses based on a set of parameters, such as number of users, time period, price, etc. The offering ensures that license and revenue streams are maximized by supporting on-the-go, one-time, periodical or recurring subscription models. By managing subscriptions purchased through the self-service portal, you can minimize license allocation time and make changes to product subscriptions on the fly.

Our offering allows you to manage customer parameters, set-up customer groups with complex subordinate hierarchies and assign product licenses. These capabilities enable you to avoid unnecessary spending on products that customers seldom use, assign products to new subscribers, or assign purchased products to existing subscribers.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Manage subscribers, groups of subscribers and license parameters for existing product subscriptions.
  • Assign product licenses for cloud and non-cloud service subscribers.
  • Enables individual and/or bulk application and license assignments for customers with a user-centric and application-centric license assignment.
  • Provide self-service, online product lifecycle management functionality.

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