XaaS Gateway

Onboard and integrate new partners faster.

Expand your cloud services portfolio with easy and cost-effective onboarding tools.


Quickly and cost-effectively onboarding and enabling new cloud services is critical in today's fast-paced world. Netcracker’s XaaS Gateway provides the tools and technology needed to initiate a semi or fully-automated process, depending on the product or service complexity and the provisioning input parameters. Our offering can also help you reuse existing products to simplify ISV integrations, create integration adapters to make onboarding new partners easier and implement workflows.

With our XaaS Gateway, you can easily onboard new services without assistance from an ISV partner. To onboard, you need available APIs, which allow products to be added to a sellable list. Normally, APIs are implemented as REST or SOAP web-services and work in unison or independently.



Our offering enables you to:

  • Accelerate partner and service onboarding.
  • Streamline the ordering, provisioning, settlement and management of digital services
  • Provide a variety of integration options through a wide set of adapters and APIs.
  • Minimize time-to-market for new cloud services by reusing integration adapters.
  • Eliminate limitations for partner technologies.

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