Active Resource Inventory

Seamlessly transform to hybrid networks using physical and virtual infrastructure modeling capabilities.

Consolidate and visualize resource data to optimize network management.


Todays’ networks have become more dynamic and complex, encompassing a diverse variety of physical, virtual and hybrid technologies. In order to simplify service delivery and assurance processes for converged, virtualized, cloud and value-added services, you need to establish a unified, real-time view of virtual resources in their dynamic environments, while maintaining an accurate and centralized inventory of physical resources.

Our Active Resource Inventory offering:

  • Provides unified, real-time visibility into physical networks, devices and technologies, as well as virtual NFV and SDN resources.
  • Supports active monitoring for hybrid infrastructure changes, enabling quick reconciliations or updates based on relevant information.
  • Is fully configurable, technology- and vendor-agnostic, which accelerates the introduction and support of new network technologies and VNFs.
  • Provides an end-to-end multilayer view of physical and logical resource inventory and IT infrastructure.
  • Is open and fully compliant with ETSI, TM Forum, MEF, 3GPP and other industry standards.
  • Exposes open REST APIs to enable seamless integration with third-party orchestration and monitoring solutions.
  • Leverages a web-based, user-friendly and intuitive GUI to enable unified visualization capabilities across physical and virtual infrastructure with the ability to drill down to the NFVI level.
  • Supports 5G and other complex networks that have millions of assets.

Our Active Resource Inventory enables you to:

  • Deploy and manage hybrid networks through the use of physical and virtual infrastructure modeling capabilities.
  • Improve customer experience and streamline service delivery and assurance processes by accessing a complete, up-to-date and accurate view of the entire network.
  • Reduce opex by minimizing costly manual interventions and enabling more automation.
  • Enhance network rollout efficiency by using real-time, accurate and centralized resource information.

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