Features & Benefits

Netcracker Resource Management opens a 360-degree view of infrastructure management and automates a wide range of processes for existing and emerging network and IT resources.

Monetize Investments in Next-Generation Infrastructure
  • Transition smoothly to virtualized infrastructure by leveraging advanced IT infrastructure management capabilities and a modular, layered, cross-domain resource management solution that is pre-integrated with our Orchestration offering
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new technologies by supporting smart, automated network rollout processes and implementing a plug-n-play approach for introducing new technology
  • Reduce churn and maximize revenue through intelligent analytics-driven capacity management and network planning 
Manage Infrastructure Cost-Effectively
  • Increase staff productivity by automating end-to-end lifecycle management and leveraging multi-faceted infrastructure management as well as cross-platform, mobile-ready, Web-based interfaces
  • Reduce the number of deployed platforms by using a centralized, technology-agnostic solution that supports multi-vendor heterogeneous networks and IT environments
  • Utilize resources more efficiently by using predictive analytics to understand infrastructure usage patterns

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