Features & Benefits

Our Orchestration solution helps service providers migrate from traditional OSS to service and network orchestration for hybrid networks.

Generate Revenue
  • Improve service personalization by creating centralized “app stores” consisting of homegrown and third-party VNFs.
  • Deliver targeted customer offers via embedded real-time and big data analytics.
  • Monetize network resources and provide network-as-a-service offerings.
Increase Service Agility
  • Deploy a proven catalog-driven approach successfully extended to the world of virtualization and reduce time-to-market for new offerings.
  • Mitigate service introduction risks by leveraging a flexible environment for onboarding third-party VNFs.
  • Apply an agile DevOps approach to service modeling through an intuitive and flexible service design environment.
Improve Customer Experience
  • Deliver and personalize converged service offerings quickly.
  • Enable flexible self-service capabilities with online service modeling and activation.
  • Ensure fast service provisioning with online execution monitoring.
Reduce Expenses
  • Support automated policy-driven operations with limited or no human involvement.
  • Provide dynamic configuration and capacity-on-demand for SDN and NFV.
  • Utilize network and IT assets and services efficiently.

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