Features & Benefits

With our carrier-grade SDN-enabled virtual network functions that can be seamlessly chained thanks to pre-integration with our award-winning Orchestration solution, service providers can attract new customers and increase revenue.

Leverage Virtual Traffic Management Solutions (vTMS)
  • Improve customer quality of experience, optimize network operations and generate new revenue by efficiently managing mobile data traffic
  • Accelerate web page downloads
  • Provide stable streaming video playback
  • Increase network bandwidth availability with data traffic reduction capabilities
  • Analyze customer behavior and network usage in real time
Utilize Virtual Deep Packet Inspection (vDPI)
  • Identify and extract operator network data in real time
  • Visualize and optimize network traffic by identifying protocols and applications and extracting metadata
Deploy a Virtual Firewall (vFirewall)
  • Control incoming and outgoing network traffic, enable traffic flow granularity and prevent illegitimate access by adding multiple security levels
  • Improve virtual network traffic visibility and control
  • Offer extended security solutions, such as URL filtering, malware protection and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection
Implement a Virtual Router (vRouter)
  • Perform full-fledged router capabilities via a software application supporting all major hypervisors on any standard x86-based system
  • Optimize cost and performance when transitioning from hardware- to software-based appliances

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