Business Case & Go-to-Market Development Services

Conduct preliminary and market analyses to optimize transformation strategies.

Develop a roadmap to maximize the business value from your digital business transformation.


Netcracker's Business Case & Go-to-Market Development services enable you to define the strategic and tactical aspects of your digital business transformation. We aggregate market research and analyze prospective interaction channels, determining how personalized the initial business case needs to be.

We scrutinize the competitive landscape to single out your specific competitive advantages and establish your market positioning. This includes consulting on portfolio definitions and expansions to address current and future demands.

We perform analyses on ROI and TCO to build compelling business cases that highlight all of the prospective benefits from your digital business transformation.



Our Business Case & Go-to-Market Development services enable you to:

  • Understand target market segments in order to establish the most effective go-to-market and channel development strategies.
  • Evaluate current and future customer expectations to enrich and expand service portfolios with next-generation digital offerings.
  • Develop a comprehensive business case with clearly outlined project goals in order to validate and measure tangible business benefits.

Our Business Case & Go-to-Market Development comprises the following services:

Go-to-Market & Channel Development

We help you analyze market trends and competitive pressures to develop cost-effective, value-enhancing customer and partner channel interaction solutions.

Portfolio Consulting

We support the development of new digital services, including virtualized and cloud services, and create a specific rollout roadmap that aligns with your expectations.

Business Case Development

We can help you develop a comprehensive business case for transformation programs, including quantifying revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities against planned development and operational costs.

ROI/TCO Analysis

We can develop a financial model using business performance analytics to assess the actual results of transformation programs in order to accommodate any required adjustments.

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