Business Transformation & Optimization Services

Address every technical, procedural and personnel aspect of digital transformation programs.

Maximize revenue and operational efficiency by defining business processes that align with new solutions.


Netcracker's Business Transformation & Optimization services complement transformation programs by helping you align new solutions and business processes using industry best practices. We perform detailed business readiness assessments to single out activities that will require changes due to the presence of new solutions, resulting in better user adoption rates, increased revenue generation and enhanced operational efficiency.

Our experience with business transformations of all types and sizes and focus on delivering customer-centric solutions ensure your ability to provide the best possible customer journey. We also analyze your current workforce to determine if additional training is needed to establish the proper processes, policies and skillsets.

Our service's business performance management capabilities can help you verify that a new solution improves operational efficiency.



Our Business Transformation & Optimization services enable you to:

  • Adapt business and operational processes to maximize value from new and existing solution capabilities.
  • Ensure a seamless customer experience across multiple channels to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and reduce churn.
  • Assess the need for business change and plan specific adaptation activities accordingly.
  • Execute tiered training to ensure your workforce has the skills and tools needed to maximize efficiency.
  • Optimize capex and opex.

Business Transformation & Optimization comprises the following services:

Business Process Management

We can help you design, optimize or implement new business processes that align with newly implemented solutions.

Business Readiness & Execution Planning

We will assess your transformation program's operational impact and help you form executable plans for processes, policies, documentation, training and more.

Customer Experience Design

We design new solutions with an “outside-in” customer experience perspective to optimize customer journey interactions.

Workforce Training & Performance Management

We will develop and deliver a complete training curriculum for advanced users as well as end users and implement innovative technologies to enhance individual performance.

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