Solution Planning Services

Prioritize requirements to build a realistic and functional solution scope.

Shape solution requirements and roll out a plan to maximize its value.


Netcracker's Solution Planning services simplify complex transformation strategies by breaking down IT requirements, corresponding software components and the overall architecture and integration plan. We tailor these services to your specific context and timetable by gaining insight into your current operations, business processes and technology systems and their associated pain points. We can then clearly identify a solution that delivers the best outcome.

Having successfully completed hundreds of transformation projects worldwide, we have the solution planning and execution experience needed to derive the most value from new technologies. Our solutions' out-of-the-box functionality can help you improve operational efficiency regardless of your program's complexities.

Our migration and integration planning services ensure your ability to seamlessly transition from existing BSS/OSS and other IT systems while mitigating risk, maintaining business continuity and experiencing the greatest benefits.



Our Solution Planning services enable you to:

  • Define a solution scope that is driven by contextual business processes and standardized configurations to avoid lengthy and costly implementation and integration projects.
  • Design a solution architecture that best fits all business requirements and minimizes integration challenges.
  • Create an end-to-end solution roadmap with value-driven phases to ensure alignment between business benefits and priorities.
  • Transition smoothly from legacy BSS/OSS to next-generation architecture.

Solution Planning comprises the following services:

Solution Scoping & Fit Assessment

We can help you define a solution scope to meet your business needs in a way that aligns objectives with the implementation cost, risk and out-of-the-box functionality.

Solution Architecture

We work with you to develop a phase-by-phase solution roadmap which provides both short- and long-term benefits.

Solution Roadmap Development

We provide enterprise architectural services that ensure solutions are future-proof and leverage industry best practices.

Migration & Implementation Planning

We help you define the migration strategies, implementation plans and development approach needed to satisfy your business objectives without risk.

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