Protecting sensitive data and infrastructure in today’s rapidly changing technology landscape with secure software, secure multi-cloud operations, secure networks & services.


Today, service providers are in the midst of major technology transformations; networks are being virtualized, systems and services are moving to the cloud, mobile and social media are becoming primary interaction channels, 5G is becoming a reality and IoT is growing exponentially. In parallel with these massive changes, security threats to networks and customer data has never been greater. Customer expectations for privacy are increasing and regulators have never been more focused on protecting sensitive data.

Service providers looking to leverage the power of analytics, the efficiency and scale of the cloud and the flexibility of virtualized networks must ensure that security is built into every aspect of their infrastructure and operations. Netcracker’s solutions and operations expertise help operators maximize the benefits of technology transformations while securing customer, transaction and network data.

Our platforms and operations are designed to ensure that regulatory compliance is both achieved and continuously monitored. Our holistic approach to security encompasses people, processes and technology to create a foundation of trust that enables operators to focus on serving their customers with the peace of mind and assurance that their operations, mission-critical data and services are properly secured and protected. We have the expertise and experience to protect the security, integrity and privacy of our customers’ data and the knowledge and proficiency required to address the increasingly complex security issues facing our industry. 

Cloud BSS & OSS Migration

Netcracker’s solutions help service providers migrate their BSS & OSS to the cloud, streamlining their architectures and achieving digital transformation objectives with respect to how they engage with customers and partners and how they operate their networks. Our cloud BSS & OSS solutions leverage the latest industry security standards and protocols and we incorporate security into every aspect of the software development lifecycle.

Secure Enclave Multi-Cloud Operations

Netcracker’s industry-leading secure operations help ensure that service providers’ customer, transaction and network data are protected and secured in our platforms, whether they run in the operator’s cloud, Netcracker’s cloud or a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. 

Secure Virtualized Network Services

Secure Virtualized Network Services – Network virtualization and software-defined networking (SDN) technologies bring the promise of intelligent, dynamic and flexible networks and services. In a multi-vendor environment, securing virtual network functions (VNFs), network slices and end-to-end services requires a multi-layer security approach. Netcracker’s SDN/NFV solutions help operators manage the full lifecycle of multi-vendor VNFs and network controllers. We provide the policies and controls engineered to securely orchestrate the end-to-end delivery of services.