Program Management Office Services

Guarantee successful business outcomes through our industry-proven program management capabilities.

Leverage best practices to ensure on-time and on-budget project fulfillment.


Netcracker's decades of experience in professional delivery services with a 100 percent success rate makes us a true leader in driving large-scale transformation programs. Our Program Management Office (PMO) team focuses on overall execution and governance as it applies to programs delivered through waterfall, Agile or hybrid models.

Using our proven methodologies and best practices, we can help you plan and manage risk and deliverable expectations in order to ensure successful transformations, regardless of scope. We also assist in overall project governance tasks such as solution change control and financial and workforce management.

Following critical industry standards from Project Management Professional Certifications and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, our program governance ensures alignment between the business and collaborative solutions. We concentrate on optimizing expenses and proving the value of IT. We help optimize the use of information and infrastructure and measure performance by tracking project delivery updates and monitoring IT services.

Our program management approach is based on our partnership with customers defined by shared goals, integrated processes as well as joint planning and decision-making, all of which are tracked and measured using metrics and a dashboard of KPIs to ensure compliance with SLAs. Our standardized processes, procedures and best practices have evolved during the past several decades, and with staff located all around the globe, Netcracker has the resources available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Our commitment to success has been awarded a CMMI Level 5 Certificate, the highest level in Carnegie Mellon University's Capability Maturity Model Integration. Our program governance services help reduce time, effort and defects in solution implementation. They also lower production, delivery and support costs.



Our PMO services ensure 100 percent success by providing:

  • Effective top-to-bottom program planning, management and delivery for on-time, on-budget project fulfillment. 
  • Minimal impact on ongoing operations during deployment.
  • Complete guidance through the whole delivery process by true industry experts to mitigate transformation risks.
  • Customer-aligned results guaranteed by strict SLAs and compliance.

PMO comprises the following services:

Program Governance

We work with customers to establish an effective joint governance process across the entire transformation program, including the definition of work streams, roles and responsibilities as well as who is in charge of the decision-making process.

Financial & Workforce Management

We support transformation programs from human, financial, logistical and administrative perspectives by providing the relevant tools and reports needed to track progress throughout the implementation.

Project Management & Release Planning

We provide a range of project management services, including integrated planning, deliverables management and release planning, all supported by experienced program managers.

Change Control & Risk Mitigation

We manage change across the entire program, assessing how changes will impact architecture, delivering plan and release schedules and evaluating how to minimize risk best to ensure success.

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