Managed Services

Put Your E2E Service Delivery Management and IT Operations in the Hands of an Experienced Managed Services Partner

Netcracker provides progressive and exceptional technical and functional Managed Services that meet today’s business needs, and positions your business to meet the aggressive demands of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Providing Predictable and Reliable E2E Service Delivery Management and IT Operations

Netcracker´s Managed Services offerings enable Customers to focus on their core business, while benefiting from leading Service Delivery, End-to-End Solutions and IT Operations.  Partner with Netcracker and leverage upon our 30 years of experience providing design, development, deployment and support of complex telecom solutions.  Our scalable Managed Services model enables Service Providers to not only achieve cost predictability, but also invest more of their time and effort in conquering new business markets, expanding their customer base and maximizing revenues. 


Service Quality Improvement and Improved Operational Efficiency

Recognizing the challenges of running complex multivendor systems, Netcracker’s Managed Services offering is designed to mitigate the risk of such undertakings. To do this, Netcracker leverages on the following four key pillars.

Partnership / Flexibility

At Netcracker, we have found that maximum flexibility and adaptation to our customers’ business strategy has been crucial for forming a successful partnership.  For this reason, we help customers formulate individualized services structures, where we collaborate to meet their specific business needs.

Our flexible commercial delivery models allow for greater cost predictability, regardless of the Managed Services model chosen.  In addition, our operational service delivery flexibility enables business agility that opens up vast opportunities for you to conquer new markets with next generation services.  Combined with our continuous operations optimization, we meet our customers’ expectations through clear business and technical SLAs and KPIs, making our partnerships transparent and predictable.

Robust Cloud Capabilities

Netcracker’s global presence is predominant for the success of its cloud-based operations. Our support teams are located in 30+ countries. Our global data center partnership network spans across 80+ locations. Our Managed Services teams have expertise in managing multi-cloud environments, encompassing third party software and vendor relationship management.

Advanced Analytics

The growing service quality expectations of customers can no longer be met solely by relying upon human intervention. That’s why our Managed Services teams leverage next generation technologies, such as machine learning, to enable proactive remediation and predictive scaling. At the very heart of our offering is our Data Monitoring and Analysis (DMA) engine, designed to provide operational service assurance and continuous improvement.

Agile/DevOps Methodology

The key to efficient management of complex IT environments is the ability to streamline multiparty collaboration. Netcracker has nurtured a robust Agile culture, reinforced with powerful DevOps automation process and tools, that can be leveraged to deliver new functionality, operational enhancements, and solution updates in a planned and predictable manner with a quicker delivery cadence. 

Solution Components

Netcracker’s Managed Services offering draws on 30+ years of operational success. Over the years, we have become a trusted Managed Services Partner for numerous operators across the globe, thanks to our expansive understanding of customers’ business and operational processes. The scope of our Managed Services offerings include:

Flexible Hosting Models - customers can choose a suitable hosting model for their solution that can include: the customer’s own, Netcracker’s and third party data centers, or a combination of the three.  In any case, our customers benefit from Netcracker’s solution knowledge, operations experience and efficiencies.

  • Client Hosted Model - Netcracker resources establish, operate and maintain the solution within customer premises, interfacing with other customer applications
  • Public Cloud Hosted Model - Netcracker solutions are migrated to a third party public cloud provider, guaranteeing economies of hyper-scale
  • Netcracker Hosted Model - Netcracker resources establish, operate and maintain the solution at one of our data centers, governed by end-to-end SLAs
  • Build-Operate-Transfer Model - Netcracker resources initially establish, operate and maintain the solution within the customer premises, then allowing for transfer back to the customer’s control once the environment is operational and stable

Managed Operations and Support - customers can choose from various service support models, which are supported by business aligned KPIs and reinforced with advanced analytics, monitoring and reporting capabilities.

  • Level 1 Support - Help Desk support provides the primary customer interface for user queries or requests, as well as incident lifecycle management by actively monitoring and owning incidents through the incident resolution process
  • Level 2 Support - Application support for incident, environment, configuration and change management, deployment management, SLA metrics reporting, system monitoring, alarming and notification, as well as supporting IT infrastructure, system administration, database administration, capacity and performance, security for platform, infrastructure and network, access controls, as well as other core IT functions, which combine to provide a reliable and scalable platform
  • Level 3 Support - Solution level support, including problem / defect support, configuration and release management
  • Level 4 Support - Product level support for Netcracker’s core product functionality and associated APIs

Business Process Outsourcing for any business function within Netcracker solution and beyond the boundaries of its scope, covering third party vendor applications.

  • Resource Management - Netcracker provides dedicated resources to support Development activities (joint or capital project related),  dedicated application and platform configuration efforts, as well as design, deployment and management of hybrid network solutions (e.g. SD-WAN and other similar solutions)   
  • Assurance, Fulfillment and Billing/Revenue Management - Netcracker provides the resources to support digital operations and business functions, including order management, inventory, product catalog, billing, rating and collections
  • Product Lifecycle and Customer Engagement - Netcracker provides the resources to support customer management functions, including customer interaction, care, customer journey, marketing/selling, and channel/partner management


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