Customer Experience Management

Leverage innovative capabilities to deliver a cohesive, digital customer experience.


To succeed in today's digital world, almost every customer touchpoint needs to become a personalized self-service experience. However, unifying touchpoints is only the beginning. Transparency and consistency are just as critical in establishing trust with your customer. 

Creating transparency means being proactive when service quality falters, ensuring what the customer is being charged is fair and understandable, and that the customer has visibility into the service options that meet their needs. 

Consistency means the customer's interaction with your brand transcends your lines of business. Today, a customer can be a mobile or TV customer, an owner of a business or an early adopter of new digital services – like connected cars. Consistency in engagement is critical.  

Pragmatically, this means that siloed systems need to be centralized so that a holistic view of the customer across all of their services can be achieved. You need a strategy and the technology to unify all customer touchpoints and to link the "front office" with the "back office" in order to make transparency possible. 

Once systems are centralized, analytics can be integrated to better understand how your customers are engaging with your brand across services, how to ensure new services are properly targeted, and to increase operational automation in order to make all this possible in a responsive and timely way.

Features & Benefits

Netcracker helps build better customer experiences through the following capabilities:
  • Omnichannel and self-service capabilities that allow B2B and B2C customers and partners to order, configure and customize products and services on-demand; reducing time-to-market lowering support costs and improving the customer’s experience.
  • Unified customer and partner management - single platform to simplify, accelerate and automate procedures associated with managing customers, products, partners and sales.
  • Centralized product management –unified Product Catalog for managing offers, products, services and resources for both customers and partners
  • Customer-centric service management leveraging advanced analytics to improve customer experience.
  • Real-time visibility into operations to increase user responsiveness and improve organizational agility.
  • Experienced team of consultants with more than 20 years in customer and operations management.

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