Modernizing Cable Operations

Improve your ability to inspire customer loyalty and deliver new digital services.

As regulatory, market and technology pressures mount, cable operators need to move with agility, counter quickly and deliver compelling new digital services.


Monolithic systems that cannot integrate old and new networks, deliver an acceptable customer experience or keep up with the market's demand for innovation will be replaced. And with these systems at the heart of your business, transforming them means both big opportunity and big risk.

Doing it right for the customer means delivering digital experiences that meet their expectations, such as self-service purchasing and troubleshooting, personalized offers and packages, and the ability to move seamlessly with services from device to device regardless of location.

And doing it right for your business means easing the burden of existing systems. The move to next-generation systems is a move to dynamic, data-driven, personalized services that are fulfilled in real time, assured proactively and run in the cloud.

When the systems are lean, the business is responsive. A responsive business can aggressively pursue new enterprise and SME opportunities, or those opening up in IoT and M2M. Success in these areas will require new ecosystems to plug into the operation, accelerate innovation and take the business forward.

Features & Benefits

Netcracker’s end-to-end software and services portfolio for Cable Operators includes:
  • Omnichannel and self-service capabilities that allow B2B and B2C customers and partners to order, configure and customize products and services on demand; reduce time-to-market by lowering support costs; and improve customer experience.
  • Embedded real-time charging & billing analytics to enable tailored service offerings based on individual consumption patterns and account priorities.
  • End-to-end service lifecycle orchestration for complex hybrid services allowing customers to order and configure both virtualized and traditional connectivity, network and IT services.
  • Support for the design, build and management of hybrid networks across heterogeneous environments including traditional networks, SDN/NFV-enabled networks and private/public cloud infrastructure.

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