Monetizing New Services

Meet the demand for integrated digital services with an integrated revenue management solution.

Driving revenue through new digital experiences in new markets relies on a revenue management solution that can keep up with new demands.


The demands of the digital marketplace require more integrated revenue management solutions that lower the cost to operate while delivering new capabilities. And as revenues begin to shift from legacy services to new digital services, the cost to support legacy systems that do not deliver an integrated customer experience across an expanding array of services can no longer be justified.

Phasing in new capabilities that allow for truly complex bundling and billing, on-demand customer assurance, and the digital distribution and management of services will allow you to mitigate transformation risks while achieving incremental value.

Migration to a single, integrated platform will allow you to manage the customer experience holistically across services and lines of business. It will give you a single window into the entire lifecycle of both your customers and your partners from acquisition to delivery and management. When the billing systems are integrated, the cost to operate them is immediately decreased, and the portfolio of services you are able to support grows exponentially for both consumer and business customers.

Features & Benefits

Netcracker’s industry leading revenue management solution delivers the following comprehensive capabilities:
  • Single platform with carrier-grade scalability and performance to drive cost optimization, business process simplification, and ability to meet Tier 1 requirements
  • Rich Out-of-the-Box Capabilities that support complex consumer and business requirements across multiple technologies, business lines and multi-partner business models (B2C/B2B, IoT/M2M etc.).
  • Centralized Product Management –unified Product Catalog for managing offers, products, services and resources for both customers and partners
  • Embedded Real-Time Charging & Billing Analytics to enable tailored service offerings based on individual consumption patterns and account priorities.
  • Dynamic Real-Time Discounting – allows dynamic allocation of “On-the-Fly” discount buckets, as well as introduction of all sorts of promotions, bonuses, rewards, credits, discounts, free trials
  • Support for the Design, Build/Migration, and Operation of revenue management systems and processes whether on the customer premise or in NetCracker’s data center.

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