Our methodology assesses digital maturity, creates a long-term roadmap and vision, defines effective business cases, develops and aligns digital skills and lays out near- and long-term blueprints for transforming IT environments.

Strategy & Organization helps service providers to build successful business cases along with effective implementation roadmaps. Our Planning & Consulting Services drive solution development activities based on expertise and a deep understanding of our customers.

The Digital Customer Enablement Layer enables true omnichannel, personalized customer journeys across conventional and digital channels. This helps service providers to enhance customer experience, accelerate time-to-market and increase sales efficiency. This analytics-driven layer brings together customer data to build intelligent customer profiles and ensure correct actions, effective recommendations and personalized interactions.

The Business Agility Layer enables abstraction and flexible integration between customer engagement layers and core BSS to empower business units to make changes. It ensures that any 3rd party or channel applications can access necessary information without exposing unnecessary information or architecture details.

The Digital Business Enablement Layer includes IT systems which serve as a core for BSS digital transformations – Unified Customer Management, Centralized Product Management, Digital Partner Ecosystem, and Converged Revenue Management. It aligns the most critical BSS functions and business processes with what a DSP requires.

The Operational Agility Layer enables easy integration of BSS and OSS applications through standards-based APIs and integration adapters. It ensures that any component of the Netcracker solution can be integrated easily with any other IT system.

The Digital Operations Enablement Layer includes IT systems which serve as a core for OSS transformations – Hybrid Service & Resource Management and physical Infrastructure Management. It also includes systems which help to operationalize SDN/NFV at scale including SDN Controllers and NFV Management & Orchestration.

The Infrastructure Agility Layer provides Integration tools and libraries necessary to onboard new network and infrastructure services rapidly, including VNFs and M2M devices. This layer leverages continuous integration tools and relies on widely adopted standards for SDN/NFV and IoT to ensure interoperability and the continuous growth of service provider ecosystems.

The Digital & Cloud Infrastructure Layer introduces an extensive selection of VNFs and a sophisticated management & control layer for data center virtualization. A unified IoT platform helps service providers to maximize the value of emerging IoT services by creating and testing their own IoT applications and commercializing a wide range of existing ones.

Digital Process & Operations provides the full set of operations and maintenance capabilities today's marketplace demands. It spans all Netcracker solutions as well as those based on third-party products.

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